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Understanding the Bible Course, Saturday morning series, by Stephen Hofmeyr

18 Januaary - 8 February 2020

Talk 1 What is the Bible (18/01/2020)  Bible Course part 1.MP3

Talk 2 What did Jesus think of the Bible? (18/01/2020)  Bible Course Part 2 compressed.mp3

Talk 3 How do the Old Testament and New Testament fit together?  (25/01/2020)   Bible course part 3.MP3

Talk 4 What is the Significance of the Old Testament?  (25/01/2020)   Bible Course part 4.MP3

Talk 5 Where does the Gospel fit in?  (08/02/2020)  Bible Course part 5.MP3

Talk 6 Is the BIble all about Jesus?  (08/02/2020)  Bible course part 6.zip

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