About Us

We are a church that exists to know Christ better, and to make Christ better known. We love Guildford and the people of Guildford and beyond.

Who’s Who

Some of the people you might meet on a Sunday

Nick Williams

Nick has been Vicar at Christ Church for just over 12 years. He is passionate about helping people discover who Jesus is and the difference He makes to their lives. He is married to Anna and they have three kids. He enjoys playing hockey for Guildford Hockey Club, singing along to musicals, good food and watching his kids’ various sporting activities (aka dad’s taxi).

Joel Willmer

Joel is our curate, he believes Jesus is the greatest news the world has ever heard, and loves helping people discover who he is. Joel is married to Taryn, a proud South African, which is great, until England play South Africa at rugby! He enjoys watching rugby (sadly his playing days are behind him), running very slowly, and reading, although with two young children running and reading are more aspirational than reality.

Fiona McGowan

Church Warden

Sallie Garrood

Church Warden

Adam Warner

Safeguarding officer

Rachel Nicolaou

Safeguarding officer

What we believe

We recognise the importance of the Bible in order to grow in our faith so we are committed to teaching the Bible and applying it to our lives.

We believe that prayer is foundational to everything we do, so we continue to encourage both individual and gathered prayer.

We know that we cannot hope to live a full life as an authentic follower of Jesus without help from the Holy Spirit.

We value the ministry of each and every person, and seek to use the gifts God has given us in His service both within the church and wherever we find ourselves.

We seek to be outward looking and serve the local community by caring for others, and helping people encounter Jesus.